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#Another Again.

Well! Here we are again... Another go at beginning again. Tomorrow will be August 1, 2022. You may know that August is the eigth month and the number 8 represents a new begining. I am launching out to the deep where I dared to venture before. Needless to say, last time I came back bruised, exhausted and bewildered. I mean, geez. But, I came back! God was with me the entire time. I can honestly say that last time around I learned more for sure, but I was running on fumes. I can say that I openned up in vulnerability, honesty and humility. I even changed my perspective of people. This another again is because I know that God (Love) is leading me and preparing to do another great thing.

Let's make this the declaration: Approach with Love. You may ask what this will mean. Humph! I can't tell you. But what I do know is that it means, You are not in total control. You are to be responsive to the leading of Love himself.

Last run, this declaration led me back to me. It led me back to my relationship with the Father and the purpose He had for me. Whoa! I am back at the moment of vulnerability. It always amazes me how God can bring you back with internal notifications. (All we have to do is listen for them). I learned something interesting about Love last go around. I learned that Love is truly patient. I was reminded by an awesome woman of faith, that patience has nothing to do with time. Patience defined, is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset (Oxford languages definition). The last two years have been full of troubles, delays and suffering for not just me, but for our world. We have endured death, sicknesses, economic tragedies, laws changing, hatred, heartbreak, grief and pain all at the same time. There is a calling though to Love from the Lover Himself. We are about to be relieved, restored and reconciled to begin again.

There is an intersection where hope meets time, meets will, meets reality then introduces the voice of the heart. I keep telling God "I want to do your will and do it your way". What I really mean is I wanna live in abundance but I don't want to suffer. ( After all, He already died on the cross for my transgressions 😂). BUT!!! There is suffering for His will, suffering with His will, and then there is suffering because of His will. It's hard to know the difference at times. The times where it is difficult is when we are emotionally driven by biological expectations of what the will we yeild to should look like. UGH! I know for many people, the expectation piece can be a bummer.

Here's what I know to be true. If our heart is in God's hands, then He will give us what to desire. Yes! I said that. He will give you what to desire. This will dilute the struggle a little because you'll be reminded that He is responsible, not you. It's easier to dance with a partner who listens for the moves. Are you listening to the Father, The Holy Spirit, the nudges, the strong convictions? I dare you to yeild to the "Another Again". God has something He's doing and He wants to do it with you. Here's a spoiler alert! He really is the God of Again. We have his records of success.

So, I say here's to another again. God I have felt the internal notification to begin again. Let's see where this again takes me or what it brings to me. Cheers! Let Love Lead. ❤️

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