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What do you make of the expression that you see?

The most immediate response is determined by your experiences that are filed away in your mind. You may think excited, surprised, alert; or maybe even shocked.

The truth.

Here I am knocking at the door of another birthday and as I take a deep breath, I am committing to be most present in this moment. Everything that I have experienced until now has been of shear trial and error. I have moved to the beat of the worlds amplified in concert of expectation. I have ignored my intentions and embraced my fears. I have proclaimed lies while making a mantra out of my silent objections. I know that I am not alone when I say, "Girl, if you only knew". (giggles)

This 35th Birthday year, my entire life will make sense. The only way to live is to really live. The only one that has power to make changes in my life is me. I received a revelation today while sitting quietly at the water. The thought, "Go alone. Seek Alone"; came so boldly. I asked God, why He spoke these words to me? The response: The revelation of truth. The revelation of truth is the real why behind the why's of reason. The truth may be not the same for everyone. Yet the world seems to brain wash you into one size fits all. We even learn in schools based on repeated partial experiences. The truth, may be different from my truth; which may be different from your truth.

We all have a file cabinet or points of reference. But, when it comes to the revelation of truth; your evidence (intellect) could mean nothing at all. The truth is that many of us make a master of our intellect. May I submit to you that this master (intellect) has tricked you into slavery of misconception.

The truth.

At the core of my expression is, "Agreement". I am preparing to knowingly Go Alone and Seek Alone. Free from the obligation of expectation. Free from the tainted wisdom of the informed forerunners. One thing that I know now is that reality only goes as far as your interpretation. Inhale! This time around be careful to be informed by your own internal counsel. After all, God lives in you, as you. He has given you everything you need within. There is a grace to explore in ignorance. God can only be himself. Accept the gift of BEING yourself. There is TRUTH within. Live there, don't just visit.

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