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thEy sAy!

They say beauty comes from

the inside out

But all they teach is

mac makeup, red bottoms, and

low-rise skinny jeans

They say love covers

all unclean things

but my dad left, mother is bitter

and gentleness is nowhere to be found

They say a mind is a terrible

thing to waste

but all I’m seeing is

high school dropouts, kids having babies

and teachers with no passion

They say, one day you’ll be someone great

but at every honors banquet

they never show up

every PTA meeting is empty of hope

and graduation is filled with settling expectations

They are my inspiration

They speak in parables

They expect in silence

They are absent so that God can be present

They are trapped in illusion

not to discourage but to

imply self-fulfillment

It is because they aren’t

that I AM

- K.LaSha

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